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RE: [IP] hyperosmolar coma

Dear Stacy...

I'm so sorry to have read about your mom and her going into a coma and
everything shutting down.

I am assuming that since she was taking (or supposed to be
taking pills) that she was typed as a II.

There are lots of Type II's who can't and won't accept the fact that they
have diabetes.  It is a very weird thing but very true nonetheless.

I think they think that their lives are over and they can't eat what they
want and that seems to be the worst thing that you can tell them.  (don't
get me started on that one cause most of the times the doctors don't even
explain what they can and can't eat)....

I am saying a prayer for you and your mom and the rest of your family right

I know you fight hard for your life and all you do for yourself and maybe
your mom saw everything you went through and wanted no part of it for

I wish you well and you can babble on here anytime you want...we are here
for your support!

Kathy B.
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