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[IP] 1 year anniversary!

I just realised it's been exactly one year since I started pumping! I have 
only got it as a loaner as a part of a study - for 6 months more then it might 
be over... But I'll kick and bite before I'll let go of it! And if I have to - 
then I just have to convince a doctor that I REALLY need it and that they HAVE 
to write a letter so someone will pay me a new one. Hey I deserve it, I have 
lowered my A1c from 10.7 to 7.7 - they'll save money on a long term basis if I 
avoid complications. 
I love my pump today! Although it's only a loaner (I want the blue MM 508 not 
the green! Can't get other than MM 508 in Denmark yet... the market is too 
small for more companies to join the party)

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