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Teresa wrote: Now with the pump it is right there.  To the teenage girls
out there, or there moms, is this a big deal?  Or am I worried for no
Sharon Wrote: When I went through the steps  with my first pump four years ago
(went from MDI to pumping) of doing the saline trial -taking steps of
pretending to bolus with the Saline while giving myself the dose by means of
the syringe. When it got to the point of doing the actual pump with insulin in
it - I freaked out "this is for real" but that anxiety soon passed because all
the training seemed to be precursors to the real thing - it was all a process.
There is no set thing pumpers need to know to get pumping because everybody is
different and trainers - I believe, want to set you up for the "worse case
scenario" for what can go wrong.
But the process of figuring out basal rates, playing with the pump to do
boluses, suspend, change tubing and reservoirs are all things "you need to
know" and it is a lot of information that is overwhelming - but once I
actually start doing it for real -it was all exciting and scary at once.
Sometimes I have to realize things are good -going too good, but it is nice to
know that I can handle those times that aren't so good - sites going bad as
evidenced by high sugars - but I do know what to do to handle it. Any other
stuff - I rely on the friends in the IP or on a manual to Say "oh yea - this
is something you forgot"! Sharon B
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