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Re: [IP] My first gusher!

> Chris,
> It just really made me so glad for this forum to read your post today.
> I'm glad that you had read about gushers so it wasn't so upsetting a
> deal.  How is your health doing now Chris, btw?
> Same thing happened to me with my first one, if I had not read about
> them I would really have freaked....
> thankful again for IP,

Hi Faith!

All things considered, I am doing pretty well.  I can use my right hand
again.  And, I don't have speech block anymore.  (But I know at least a
dozen people, who wouldn't have minded if that stayed! LOL)

I'm still working on getting my blood sugars back to normal.  I've been
fiddling with my basals.  I also got pre-packaged meals.  Maybe that will
get me in line again.

It's good to know you and good to have IP!

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