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[IP] Re: Dr. Atkins

> . . .a low-carb diet makes no difference in his
> response to being fed dextrose intravenously.  A low-carb diet is
> rich in the same foods everyone should eat...lean protein, cheese,
> nuts and seeds, low starch vegetables and fruits, and whole grains
> (you know, the way Americans ate 100 years ago). : )

But, if the body is used to only the proteins and fats and very little
carbs, and the IV is pure carbs, and some people have said they cannot
tolerate very many carbs, how would a body in a critical condition tolerate
pure carbs, and only carbs? They wouldn't be doing IV protein/fat - which
the body is used to. I would think there would be some kind of *reaction* or
intolerance or something to that effect. JMHO

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