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Re: [IP] some scary stuff

>Does anyone have any pointers? I will keep a log this week and I will test 
>a lot and plan out a good meal plan. Maybe those are the answers, but I am 
>just scared.
>Thanks for listening, Ashley5222222222222222222222222222222

First Ashley... stop a minute and take a deep breath.

Ok, as far as school goes.  I know you don't want to drop any credit hours 
because you're planning on finishing next month (good for you!)  My 
suggestion is to not think about EVERYTHING that you have to do, but just 
ONE THING at a time.  Which project is due first?  Start on that one and 
work on it until it is completed.  Don't think about any of the 
others.   When that one's completed, then choose the next project that's 
due.  And so on.  I know that's a hard thing to do, I'm also a worrier and 
I'll fret about everything that needs to be done and accomplish 
nothing.  So, that's what I've learned to do.  One thing at a time, one day 
at a time.

As for your crazy bgs, all the stress you're under more than likely isn't 
helping.   At this time, you really do need to keep a log and try to figure 
out what's going on.  All that stress maybe causing your hormones to go 
wacky (just another great thing about being a girl...) and wacky hormones 
make for wacky bgs.  You may need to adjust your basals, you may need to 
adjust your boluses.  I know it's hard to make time in your busy day for a 
log, but does your meter have a memory?  Perhaps each evening after dinner 
you can take a few minutes to check your meter's memory, write down those 
bgs and think about what you did that day.

Don't worry about the house.  So, it's mauve.  That's a small thing, it can 
be changed at any time.  I would wait until after graduation in May and 
then consider re-decorating.  It's not going to go anywhere, it will still 
be there in June.  And, May is  just a month away.   Good luck, I hope 
things calm down for you soon.  :o)

who went to school longer ago than Chris did... we used stone tablets and a 
chisel to write papers  ;o)
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