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Re: [IP] (Hotmail) some scary stuff

At 06:21 AM 4/13/2003 George wrote:
 >You can't imagine how stupid they are.  I've seen Michael work with
 >them for months trying to get their techs trained in how to deal with
 >their system.  But after all that time it has proven to be hopeless.
 >When their system starts rejecting messages because their computers
 >are busy "rebooting" there is no amount of volunteer labor we can
 >apply to correct the problem.  Our suggestion would be to use Hotmail
 >ONLY if you want a Browser subscription.  If you want to receive
 >mail, choose one of the other Free-mail services.  HOTMAIL = HOPELESS!

I'd like to second (and third) that comment. After working on handling 
Insulin Pumpers mail bounces for the past two weeks, it's amazing how many 
bounces we get. If your subscription suddenly gets changed from individual 
mail to the digest, suspect mail bounces as the reason. We are forced to 
change subscriptions in order to prevent a flood of bounces back to the 
server. One of the frequent causes of bounces are Spam filters (either 
yours or that of your ISP). Please be sure that list mail is not excluded 
(call your ISP for help, if you need it). Another frequent cause of bounces 
is an overflowing inbox. All ISP's have a limit on the size of the mail 
inbox. So be sure that you empty yours frequently and make sure that your 
mail reader is not set to leave mail on the server.

Please remember, if you are changing email addresses, going away for awhile 
or want to change your subscription, please write to the address in the 
footer, below. Thanks.

Another IP Mail Administrator 
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: