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Re: [IP] question about kidneys

> I went to the dr and had a complete blood panel done and it showed my
> were fine.  Then I did a 24 hr urine and it showed protein spilling.  So I
> put on Diovan (which I loved but advance PCS said I could save a lot of
> if I went on cozaar).  So now I am on cozaar.  Has anyone had experiences
> both?
> Does anyone have any advice or a website I can read that tells me what I
> do to take better care of my kidneys...what to avoid, what not to avoid?
> I know doctors can't tell you much because of legal reasons about the
> prognosis, but does this mean I will eventually die of kidney failure and
> to be on dialysis one day?
> Can I reverse this condition with better control (my a1c is a 6.6, but if
I go
> down to 5.5)?
> I know I am asking a lot of questions today!  But I have been away from
> list for so long and I have some real concerns.
> Ashley

Hello again Ashley.

Normally if you die from kidney failure, you will not be put on dialysis. (I
know -- I'm being a horse's butt here.  But can anyone out there have
expected less of me?)

The numbers that are important are your Creatanine and BUN.  Since you are
doing a Creatanine  Clearance Test, I am thinking that some doctor was
concerned and that your Creatanine and BUN were high.

My Creatanine is 3.3 and BUN is 40.

I have been on Diovan.  But since my blood pressure is doing nicely with all
the diuretics I use, my Nephrologist doesn't want to add any thing more.
So, I've been off of Diovan for awhile now.

If you do a search for Kidney Failure, you will find lots of sites.  I spill
a lot of protein.  My Nephrologist has told me it might be good to cut back

Again, my Nephrologist doesn't give me a lot of prognosis because each case
can be different.  But she has said I am a long way from dialysis.

Are you seeing a Nephrologist now?

Best regards!

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