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[IP] Ashley's scary stuff

Ashley wrote:
Then you get the
sugar in your veins (my bg was 20) and it throws you all the way up to
300...yikes...I felt awful.
Sharon wrote: It becomes a rotten cycle going really low then rebounding up to
high sugars. Sometimes I over treat a low by eating chocolate, drinking too
much regular cola or eating candy. I am glad to see you are going to start
keeping records - Do you think you over corrected a high or over calculated a
meal to get low so fast?
Sometimes I anticipate being active within the two hours that I bolused for
food or correcting a high by lightening up on the food bolus and/or the
correction bolus. For instance my correction bolus is 1 unit will drop my
blood sugar 60 points. Sometimes, under stress I mess it up resulting in a
low. So under stress, I recheck my calculations on paper or with a calculator
to get myself down to a certain number - blood sugar down to 130 for example.
I know for myself, under stress I know I don't think as clearly as I need to -
my diabetes educator suggested figuring things out on paper and using the
calculator - It truly is helpful.
For your stress - you do sound like you have a lot of "stuff on your plate". I
suggest finding ways to alleviate some of that stress. In most colleges, you
can take an incomplete with permission from your instructor. Is there anybody
else besides your boyfriend that you can depend on or public transportation or
a taxi for a ride?
Please take care and try to find ways to reduce that stress. Sharon B.
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