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[IP] looking for amylin/symlin user experience & cosmo imho

i know there was *someone* on this list who said they were part of the
clinical trials for amylin (a.k.a symlin a.k.a. pramlintide).
if you're reading this, please contact me off list. my doc has recommended me
as the "perfect candidate" to help me the second the drug hits the market, or
sooner if i can find a way. :) i know it involves 4 more shots a day and i
have the medical literature, but i'm looking for real user experience. even if
it's a bad experience, i'm going to try it anyway, i just want to know what
i'm in for. my doctor thinks it might just help me bring down my a1c's and
improve quality of life. i am desperately trying to get this drug!!!!

sorry to bother the list. i did a search, but couldn't find the person.

p.s. i got to play with the cozmo pump and i say it ROCKS!!!!!! it's much
smaller than my 508 and i LOVE the interface and features. my doc's office
can't keep up with the people who want it and they said they've had nothing
but great reviews of it!!!

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00
pumping 9/00
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