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Re: [IP] some scary stuff

Boy Ashley,

It sounds like you are getting a lot thrown at you.  A lot of the stuff, you
don't seem to have a lot of control over.  But some you may be able to do
something about.

My blood sugars have been a mess for awhile.  I am realizing that for short
term, I need to go back to tv dinners.  TV dinners work for me because the
carb count is right on the box.  When that's in control, I can also look at
my basal rates, which I consider to be still low for me.

I was in college so long ago, we handed in "papers" on slates!  But, 17
hours seems like a lot.  Can you consider dropping back in your class amount
a little.  That would give you time to really do the work you want to on the
fewer classes you have.

Since you are dropping as drastically as you are at times, it might give you
a sense of protection to get one of those bracelets that you push a button
to get help.  Even if you never use it, it may give you some peace of mind.

Finally, you may consider see a counselor who might be able to work at
helping you deal with all the stress you are under.

I do hope that things in your life settle down some.

Best wishes!

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