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[IP] re: scary stuff...response to cynthia

Yes, my fiance's job hours are only temp.  I can't really cut down hours at
school now, because I graduate in May, then going on to master's and teaching
certification.  I need a full time job ASAP, because paying 450 a month for
blue cross is very detrimental to my wallet.  My dad just passed away (he was
only 53) and I don't want to live off his trust forever either...I want to
make something of myself and want to save his money for retirement (lol...like
if my kidneys fail).  And yes, I like to attack all at once.  I just moved
into a gorgeous home, but it is decorated in mauve, when I love earth tones.
So of course I want to do it all now.
Maybe a few of you out there can help me on this one...
I am on wellbutrin, which is ok.  I was on paxil and it worked great, but I
felt fakely happy, not myself, and had NO sex drive.  I do not believe there
is a GOOD drug for anxiety out there that wo't rob me of my healthy sex
Any thoughts?

Hi Ashley, I guess my thoughts are that you need to
start by reducing the stress in your life.  YOu must
first think of what you have the power to change.
Maybe lighten your school load for now.  I believe
that school is very important. but if you are not
feeling 100% or die as the result of going, what good
will it be to you?  So, lighten your load there.  Why
is the house stressing you?  Is it a matter of $$ or
just the fact that there is a bit of work in setting
up a new home?  Just take it one thing at a time.  If
some boxes stay packed for a bit, that is OK, right?
As far as your future husband's rotating schedule
goes, is this permanent?  Maybe he could explain the
situation to his boss (this is a family emergency ya
know) and not have to do so much of the rotation
Anyway, Maybe you don't have to switch endos.  45
minutes is not that far if you only see him quarterly
like I do mine.  If you see him more often, well, I
guess you may have to switch.  Have you thought of
going on something for anxiety/depression?  Since you
seem to have such a huge reaction to stress, this
might be something to talk to your Dr. about.  Maybe
even going to stress management training?  Like you, I
tend to change BGs pretty rapidly, but not to the
extent you are describing.  maybe taking a little time
to work through your basal and bolus process and some
strict diet monitoring for a bit.  I know you hate log
books, ME TOO!!! But, you might have to bite the
and do it for awhile until you figure out how to avoid
such drastic changes.  You must just feel awful
physically after such drastic changes in BG!  I hope
this helps.  I will keep you in my prayers!  Blessings
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