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Re: [IP] (Hotmail) some scary stuff

>Hi all,
>After a month battle with hotmail, I finally figured how to get the list
>emails again(gosh, hotmail staff is so stupid!  I had to figure it out on my

You can't imagine how stupid they are.  I've seen Michael work with 
them for months trying to get their techs trained in how to deal with 
their system.  But after all that time it has proven to be hopeless. 
When their system starts rejecting messages because their computers 
are busy "rebooting" there is no amount of volunteer labor we can 
apply to correct the problem.  Our suggestion would be to use Hotmail 
ONLY if you want a Browser subscription.  If you want to receive 
mail, choose one of the other Free-mail services.  HOTMAIL = HOPELESS!


IP Mail Administrator
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