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[IP] some scary stuff

Hi all,
After a month battle with hotmail, I finally figured how to get the list
emails again(gosh, hotmail staff is so stupid!  I had to figure it out on my
I need some MAJOR help...I feel my diabetes is in serious trouble.  I am under
a tremendous amount of stress...taking 17 hours at school...have exams,
projects, and papers all due soon.  And I just bought my first house and moved
cities (from St. Louis county to St. Charles county in Missouri.  And my
fianci's boss is rotating him weird shifts- like graveyard, 2nd, and not his
normal day shift (this is a big deal for me because it not only messes up
sleep, but I also depend on him when I need to go somewhere at night- I can't
drive at night because of my retinopathy).
With all of that taken into consideration, you can only imagine what my bgs
are.  I am going from 40 to 400 numerous times a day.  I have no time to keep
a log.  In fact, I need to switch endos because my endo is now 45 minutes away
and I don't feel comfortable driving that far.  But I am in the process of
getting proper referrals.The other day my bg dropped so fast, Jeff had to call
the paramedics because he said I started twitching and my eyes rolled to the
back of my head, I fell off the chair and had a grand mal.   Then you get the
sugar in your veins (my bg was 20) and it throws you all the way up to
300...yikes...I felt awful.  Anyways, this week I am concentrating on getting
my bgs back in order.  I hate the dehydrated feeling then back to water
Does anyone have any pointers?  I will keep a log this week and I will test a
lot and plan out a good meal plan.  Maybe those are the answers, but I am just
scared.  Thanks for listening,
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