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Re: [IP] basal/bolus adjustments


  I hear you about all the changes.  Josh is 11.5 and already started 
puberty.  But he is going to be weird, like his mom, and the hormones are 
making him go so low all the itme it is almost scary.  WE are dropping his 
basals and cutting back on his bolus ratio.  He has gone from 1:10-12 to 
1:20-30 on bolus ratio.  We still use 1:50 for correction and that seems to 
work pretty well.  I am watching to see if I even need to cut back on the DP 
basal which I was thinking I needed to increase.

Like everything else with this lovely disease, it is always a guessing game.  
And when you throw hormones into the game you truly have a challenge!!!

Josh is on the Dis H-Tron+ but uses and LOVES the MM Quick SEts, 6mm with 
inserter.  Josh is very skinny and these work really well!  More comfortable 
for him too!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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