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Re: [IP] Ketsosis vs. ketoacidosis

> -- i glad you posted that, cause i was quite interested in the
> BUT, i though i might have heard something about the "atkins" thing,
> putting a strain, on the kidneys, which, for the most part, i THINK we
> need..

Aside from the fact that I am totally devoted to carbs, and would have to
dispise myself to go on a low carb diet, this is one reason why I would not
want to seriously consider a high protein diet.  I'd be curious to see a
study done on diabetic users of this diet and if there is any link to kidney

> on a similar subject, i hear this advertisement, for "ultra carb"......
> "lets you eat all the carbs you want... even beer"

Along those lines, I saw a similar product at Wal-Mart recently when I was
getting some glucose tabs.  It was located right there in the diabetes
section, with a notice on it that it could be useful to diabetics.

I looked at it out of curiosity, but thought it raised more questions than
it answered.  Do you bolus for all the carbs, then, or not?  If you don't
bolus for all of them, how much do you need to bolus for?  Why a diabetic
would ever be inclined to use such a product, at least without close
supervision by a doctor, is beyond me.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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