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Re: [IP] loss of job...good news and bad

> When I woken around 6:00am (after
> maybe 2 hours sleep), my blood sugar was 452 and I was passing moderate
> ketones. I made the decision not to do the drive and called the local
> to inform her of my situation. My boss was unavailable do to being in Los
> Vegas. Well, I arrived at my job this am and my boss told me I had no
right to
> make a decision on if I could drive that distance or not. AND if my
> was so bad, then why am I not in the hospital.

This sounds rather ridiculous to me.  Do all employers require employees
taking sick days to be in the hospital in order to do so?  None I've ever
had.  DKA isn't serious enough to miss work?  Perhaps I'm misinformed, but I
*thought* it could kill you if not dealt with properly.  Maybe those
patients who died before the discovery of insulin died because of something
in the water.

You made the rather arbitrary decision that, while drinking lots of fluids
and closely monitoring your sugars, you probably couldn't do a really good
job taking a long drive and walking the grounds?  Hmmm, what ever gave you
THAT idea?  I suspect that most of us might have done the same thing in your
shoes!  When I get DKA, and it doesn't happen often, my top priority is my
health.  Forget about my job!

This sounds to me like discrimination on the basis of diabetes.  I am not
one to fly off the handle and file a law suit at the drop of a hat, but I
find myself questioning if such a suit might actually work?  (I'm sure that
depends in part on the number of employees they have, etc.)  But of course,
if you don't want to work there (and I don't think I would either) then you
may not want to consider such a thing.  I don't believe I would, but I'd be
mad enough think about it!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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