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Re: [IP] hyperosmolar coma


  I am SOOO sorry to hear about your mom. I hope that things go smoothly for 
you.  Sometimes there are no good explanations and I will not give out 
platitudes either.  Last year my dad was dxd T2 and he too gets his BGs 
checked when he goes into the MD office.  They gave no supplies, except the 
pills.  Firtunately he is doing the pills regularly and his BGs have been 
very stable...when getting checked at the office.  Who knows what they are 
during the rest of the time.  I mean this is a man who has been eating 
cookies with his morning coffee for years.  He also has a very bad heart and 
that is getting worse.  I keep expecting the phone to ring any time saying he 
didn't wake up or just collapsed.  There is nothing I can do about it.  THey 
are in Oregon and I'm up in WA state.

Anyway, Stacey, I am very sorry.  Let us know how things go and know that we 
are here for you, the best way we can be!

mom to Joshua
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