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[IP] hyperosmolar coma

About a month ago, my mother age 69 went into a hyperosmolar coma. 
her blood sugar was ""1150"". they had to take it 3 times at the hospital 
because they could not believe the number. she was told a year ago that she 
had diabetes,  pills were given, and she went to the doctor every three 
months. i asked her once a week about her numbers, she told me , i don't  
know, the doctor checks it when i see him.  i sent her a meter and 12 boxes 
of strips, no excuses i thought!!  after i saw her in the hospital, i went to 
her apartment. i'm sure you can guess what i found. a unopened meter, and 12 
boxes of strips, her pills...NEVER used. she wanted no part of diabetes, but 
it wanted ALL of her.  i talked to the doctor today, her body   has begun to 
shut down, it's just a matter of time.  it has been 22 years for me, i fight 
she had so much to look live for..........  WHY???  i'm sorry to babble on, 
just having a  hard time...........needed to talk to someone that would 
understand, thanks for being out there....................stacy b
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