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[IP] basal/bolus adjustments

Hi pumpers,
We've not been getting the desired results with the correction boluses.  I 
haven't documented them but it seems as though Cory is only getting about 30 
- 50% of the correction that we bolus for.  He began pumping a little over 2 
years ago.  His correction was 1 unit for each 50 over 140 plus 1 u for small 
ketones, 2 for med and 3 for large. When he has ketones, the corrections are 
done via injection and the pump site is changed.  Until recently this worked 
fairly well.  Now it does not work!  His basal rate has steadily climbed and 
today we just increased it from 1.1 and 1.2 -- varying throughout the 24 hour 
period - to a 1.4 for 24 hour period.  He had been high all week, had ketones 
on 3 different days - was late for school 2 days while treating ketones and 
changing sites and we are frustrated!   We've tried a new vial of insulin, 
called MM and did the lead screw test - it was fine.  Cory is using sils and 
MM is going to send a different infusion set for him to try.  If that doesn't 
work, they will replace the pump.  
My question is: could it be possible that Cory needs his correction factor 
changed?  He is 13 - PUBERTY - and I've heard that can have a negative effect 
on management of D.  He has an appt with his endo and nurse in 2 weeks.  One 
more thing, he changed from Zyrtec for allergies to Allegra this past week.  
Tonight he went back on the Zyrtec, just to see if that makes a difference. 
Susan - Grand "Mom" of Grandson Cory
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