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[IP] Something Wrong Here

Len,  Even though I often have to ask myself, "What IS he talking about?"
when reading your posts, I relate to the wondering why, in my 32 years
of Type 1 and MDI, no medical professional ever mentioned the pump to me.
It was a neighbor (it's a small town/country/world, we're all neighbors) who
told me her 13-year-old was getting an insulin pump IN THE MAIL that got
me asking questions.:  How can they send it in the mail?  Who is going to put
it inside the boy?  (Maybe a Do It Yourself Manual is included, with
instructions for Making the Incision, Connecting to Arteries, etc.) lol
Why hadn't I heard about this before?  I didn't get it.  I still don't get
Some of the pumpers on this list knew about the pump 10 or 15 years ago.
Why, with the scores of doctors I've seen over the past 30+ years, did I have
to learn about the pump over the back fence, search for a CDE who knew
something about it and find a doctor who would authorize the tests and
write me a  *letter of medical necessity* so I could get the pump?
I knew I wanted it and it has been an amazing transformation in my quality
of life.  I'm a happier, healthier, more liberated person with the pump.
So, what's going on here with the medical professionals?

Lee at Mt. Shasta  -  dxd Type 1 1971  -  Paradigm pumping since 4/02

>WHAT IS WRONG, with this picture....
>is the medical industry, not aware, or afraid to "rock the boat", "or mess
>with (supposed)   success" ?

>I have a great endo, but, she never even talked about the pump...
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