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[IP] To Lenlutz

You wrote some very neat things about the D-TRON (I still have H-TRON here
till I can upgrade.)

Yesterday was a very sucky day and the anniversary of a death to my family.
I saw all the 3PLEH_EZE2 s and it bugged me no end. We have a neighbour
here who hates everybody and is ALWAYS saying that too.
I was wrong to address it on the list, I am sorry.

The last few postings you wrote in were really nice and without that
irritating word, were a pleasure to read!  But anyway, I9m sorry for being
oddball yesterday I just didn9t feel well at all and was picking at
everything here.

Going to my cave now

Age is just a number, and mine is unlisted. :-)


Jenny Sutherland
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