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[IP] false expectations about pumping

I think my false expectation is a placebo effect. The Placebo Effect is being
told that something (For example, a drug, therapy or counseling, or pumping)
will cure you. Pumping made life a whole lot easier but for that "whole lot
easier" there were some down sides. It is expectations (sometimes those
expectations are set too high invariably). It took me a while - like a year to
get my A1C's lower but I was told by my diabetes educator not to expect a
complete improvement with my A1C numbers but it did happen over the period of
four years with the pump. Then, for me something  had to put a "monkey wrench"
in the deal - those dang hives. But through testing and noticing patterns and
what is "going on with me" - those AIC's creeped up a bit. But something did
happen since beginning pumping - I did get those AIC numbers within normal
limits and it did take work. I did lose weight by controlling serving sizes
and exercises - that was impossible on MDI - because I could not do those
things no matter how hard I tried. So my thought is that pumping did make it
happen to me - it took work but I don't want to ever return to MDI. I know I
have to give myself a shot by syringe once in a while but stuff happens!. Take
care and happy pumping! Sharon B
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