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Re: [IP] False expectations about pumping???? How long does it take?


  When my Joshua started pumping 3.5 years ago he was 8.  He was dxd at 5.5.  
I personally expected the pump to be like a  instant 'cure' for Josh, that he 
would be able to live a much more 'normal life.  BOY was I WRONG!!!  Anything 
that could go wrong DID go wrong when we started pumping.  First of all he is 
on a Dis H-Tron+.  And we were given about oh, maybe 20 minutes of training 
from an RN who travelled 200 miles to get us started.  She was in such a 
hurry to leave she left her training materials here....still have them!!!  So 
we were basically on our own.

We were given Tender/Sils/Comfort style sets.  HATED those.  Josh is VERY 
skinny and would only let me use his tummy at that time.  I never felt 
comfortable putting them in.  Was never sure of the angle, and they hurt like 
bloody ----- for Josh.  And if that wasn't enough NOTHING would stick to his 
skin.  AND he was in the middle of swimming lessons at this time...go 
figure!!!!  So we were averaging 5-6 sites in 7 days...ALL on his tummy.  AND 
after about 36 hours he had site failure anyway, real red, sore, high 
BGs...you name it.

Well, from this list I learned about mixing some regular in with the Humalog. 
 That was an INSTANT fix for site failure...high BGs, red, sore.  Then it was 
awhile before I found out about Mastisol Liquid Adhesive.  At this time Josh 
was getting pretty sore and asked to go off to let his tummy heal. So he went 
off, after 8 months of HELL, for a few months.  Meanwhile we got some samples 
from MM of their Sof-Set micros. and one of those inserters.  We got 
permission from our insurance company to use another company product and 
they(insurance) even got us our first bottle of Mastisol.  We were set to get 
started again.  Meanwhile too, his A1Cs were climbing way up and I was one 
frustrated lady.  Josh was a real trooper.  He really wanted this.

Well, we rehooked up with the Sof-Sets using the inserter.  Josh still had a 
terrible time with site changes but they sure were a lot easier on us BOTH.  
The Mastisol worked like a charm, the mixture of regular and humalog was 
fantastic.  All of a sudden Josh's sites were sticking, his BGs were coming 
down, his averages were dropping and...after one full YEAR of pumping his A1C 
decided to finally start coming down.

Josh is still on the H-Tron and now we use Quick Sets and that inserter.  We 
swear by the Mastisol and have recommended it to many on this list that have 
those problems.  I ended up wearing the backup pump for two weeks using 
saline and let Josh change MY sites.  He no longer has that site change fear 
now.  He even does some of his own sites.  He is also using his tummy, top 
part of his hiney and occassionally his outer thigh for sites.  Life is GREAT 
now and we would never consider going back to shots again.

It took us one FULL year and during that time I too was reading all the posts 
about instant A1C drops, great BGs, the whole nine yards.  How frustrating 
for us but GREAT for those who do get everything just right in the beginning. 
 We now are doing FANTASTIC and Josh's A1Cs are way down even lower than his 
endo would have expected.  Josh is growing, gaining weight and feels so much 
better, both mentally and physically.  Changes on his basals are easier now 
that we know and understand his body's rhythm.

I hope this helps.  You are right.  It is hard to read how everything is 
going so great for what appears to be everyone, EXCEPT you!  That is how it 
was for us for a YEAR.  Hang in there.  Don't be afraid to try different 
infusion sets and site areas.  If your sites are going bad quickly try mixing 
some regular in.  Oh we are now on Novolog and no longer have to 
mix...YIPEEEE!!  Josh's sites last an average of 5-7 days.

Good luck...and HANG IN THERE!!!!  It is SOOOOOO worth it!!!!

mom to Joshua
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