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Re: [IP] False expectations about pumping???? How long does it take?

Hey Karen,
 I too was frustrated for the first couple of months, but it does get
better. I al still fine tuning the basils, and I have been pumping since
Nov1/02, I think I am going to be one of those people who will always have
to fine tune ;). One other thing I have learned that no one told me. Being a
woman sucks when you are on insulin;), I now have 3 basil programs, one for
after my period is over(slightly lower), one for once I Ovulate(lowest) and
one for the second my period starts(the highest), I have read the pumping
insulin book, and I think my insulin requirements are the opposite of what
is considered normal, surprise surprise lol.
Anyway, I hope this has helped, keep on pumpin and keep on tweekin those
basils, my pump is now a part of me, like my third arm if you will;), even
with the constant tweeking, I LOVE it, I have NOT had the paramedics to my
house in 5 months now, they used to be here at the very least on a monthly
basis, mind you, they sure were cute ;) lol
Tami in Tucson
>  I've been pumping for just a month.  Before I started, I ask for pro's
> and con's of pumping. I received lots of pro's and very few or non
> concerning cons.  I read some books did some research and of course
> listened and watched the pump companies videos the people in the videos
> and people who emailed me had so many good reports to share.  About how
> fast they saw results and how life changing, switching to a pump is.
> Well though I do like my pump I haven't found the results to be all that
> special or significant and as for life changing well. . . . . I'm
> waiting.  Maybe I'm expecting to much to soon.  I just know what I had
> been told by so many people.  SO could some one please share the truth
> and reality of how long it really takes to get things in control with a
> pump.  I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if my educators are
> just not all that helpful or are acting to slow to help me get all my!
> basals and such straight. or what.  I just would appreciate anyone
> letting me know what to really expect and how long to expect it to take
> in reality.  Cause I'm feeling really frustrated and would like some real
> truth or does it really get any better.  Don't get me wrong I sticking
> with this pump thing I just would like to now what to really expect.
>  thanks for any help especially some real truth. Karen
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