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re: [IP] Maybe a D-Tron? D. Users Only!

All, I have written before regarding changing HMO's and th possibility of
obtaining a different pump.   My thinking on this is that the three minute
delivery might make a difference in BG from the MM delivery (which is less
frequent.)   The Disetronic is simply the pump which may be the most easily
obtained for me (if this becomes possible at all.)   Please no pump wars!
My question--do you like using the software that connects the pump to your
computer, or do you even use
it?   Do you think this company is still on the cutting edge? (it seems from
the literature that they might close the loop one day.) In general, are you
happy with the product? (besides discussion of ugly questionable green
And most important, would I lose the "clicks"?


Laura, All I can say is that I've been extremely happy with my D-tron & the 
service from Disetronic. My D-tron is about 3 years old and has been very 
reliable.   In my opinion the best feature is the glass cartridge.   Don't 
get me wrong, I like all of the bells & whistles, but the low tech glass 
cartridge make life much easier by allowing you to store your cartridges (I 
fill my own) for long periods of time in the refrigerator with no concerns 
with the insulin loosing potency.   This is a great time saver when you 
change cartridges.   Plastic cartridges can react with insulin causing it to 
loose potency.
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