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[IP] Re: Ketsosis vs. ketoacidosis

>>i glad you posted that, cause i was quite interested in the difference...
BUT, i though i might have heard something about the "atkins" thing,
putting a strain, on the kidneys, which, for the most part, i THINK we dont
Can you , or someone else, address that ??<<


There is no scientific evidence that low carb diets damage kidneys. 
Actually, a high fat, high carb diet is much worse.  There are 
studies to prove this.  High fat + high carbs leads to high 
cholesterol which negatively impacts many organs, including the 
kidneys.  However, there are no studies to prove low-carb diets 
adversely affect healthy kidney function.  The confusion comes from 
the ketosis in low-carb dieting.  Ketosis is a normal metabolic 
state.  For ketoacidosis, you have to have elevated blood sugars 
and/or lack of insulin.  Ketosis, in and by itself, in low-carb 
dieting, doesn't lead to ketoacidosis.

Here's a web page that explains it better than I can:


Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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