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re: [IP] Routine maintenance on Insulin Pumps

At 1:32 PM -0500 4/11/03, Richard G. Larson wrote:

>  > 2)How often?
>  About every 2 years. The HTron+ tells you that it is time and you 
>send it in...

Actually, after 30 months of use.  You receive warnings beginning at 
28 months that an inspection is coming due in 8 weeks, then it 
reminds you each week how much longer you have.

>* is it delivering an accurate amount of insulin?; the cartridge I use is a
>calibrated cartridge, so that I can look and see that although the pump thinks
>there is 50 units of insulin left, it looks like there is actually 60 units...
>I've never seen an error of more than 5 or 10 units, which out of the 300+
>units that the cartridge holds, I feel is a good enough percentage...

By "calibrated cartridge" I presume you mean the plastic ones.  I 
used the glass cartridges in my H-trons and would 'overfill' them so 
that they actually had more than 315 units.  Though there may have 
been 'calibration markings' on the plastic ones, I think that the 
'error' may be attributed to that 'overfilling'.   I don't think 
Disetronic would have accepted that kind of variation from standards. 
I know when I sent one in for a perceived error that was actually bad 
batteries, they ran full tests on it and the margin of delivery error 
was much less than a tenth of a percent.  IMHO, a very dependable 

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