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[IP] Looking for Disney information

Ute and I are going with our son and his high school band on a trip to
Orlando in 2 weeks. 4 parks in 4 days, 100 teenagers, sound like fun? We
were wondering if anyone knows if they have a place you can leave your
insulin and supplies where it doesn't get too hot. We were thinking we
would take our emergency kit with extra site change, resevoir, and
novopen and leave them where we can get them if we need them. 2001 we
went to San Antonio and used lockers and the same last year at Houston,
but it can get pretty hot in those lockers. Also does anyone have any
other advice. Our endo is going to loan her the pump that MM gave him for
the trip so we will have a backup pump. We will be flying charter from
Ft. Smith directly to Orlando. Leaving at 4 AM and arriving there about 7
EDT. I know most people said they have not had many problems with
security, but we are getting a letter from her endo anyway, just in case.
I know this sounds like a torture for some people, but we have really
enjoyed going on these trips with our daughter and our son. He will be a
senior next year, so we have 1 more trip to take with the high school
band next year and then we will have to find something else to do.
Our oldest, Kristin is a sophomore at the Universty of Arkansas and in
the Razorback Band. I guess we could volunteer for duty going with them.
Some of the SEC ballgames are in pretty nice places.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Bill and Ute French

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