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[IP] Information on the new Paradigm model

Working on getting the pump for my 8 year old daughter.
Looked at every pump, liked Cozmo's features the best.
Discussed with Dr's, they are exclusive Mini-Med users (have a defined
program and relationship, unknown Cozmo reliability and service...)
Talked to Mini-Med 1-800 number, not my local rep yet.
Their comments were around a new computer chip that is included in the
current model (511), that will be included in the new model (512) in summer
/ fall.
But that the software will be available in the next couple of months for the
The rep on the phone didn't have any real specifics on the features of the
She did say reminders were not in the current plans, but the suggested bolus
Does anyone have more specifics on the future plans for Paradigm, I couldn't
find anything in any of my searches.

Thanks in advance
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