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[IP] Update on our pumping experience

Hello everyone. I just thought I would bring everybody up to date on our
experience with pumping. Tuesday was the 2 week anniversary on the pump.
Her Endo changed basals twice this week. Monday and Friday. I have her
logs on excell and fax them to the Dr. and he calls after he has looked
at them. I sent them Thursday night and he looked her up at work
yesterday and told her what he wanted to tweak ( 4-8 AM up to .6 from
.5). He has been really great. A lot of the pumpers she has met here in
town like an endo at the other big clinic here, but this one suits her
just fine.
We are still having highs and lows. Seems like  the 2 AM reading sets the
tone for the whole day. We have figured out why most of the highs and
lows happen, we think (bolusing for a mid afternoon snack after working
outside for an hour, with part of meal bolus still unused). 
She still doesn't feel GOOD, but she is getting more comfortable dealing
with the pump. She says she notices the site, doesn't necessarally hurt,
just uncomfortable. She says one side of her body is more sensitive than
the other. We have had a couple of times though that she almost forgot to
bolus when we are eating, so I guess she isn't noticing it too much. Sure
is nice to not have to drag along insulin and syringes and pens
everywhere we go.
She has figured out where to wear it (in her jeans pocket) and what to do
when she sleeps (tucked in her underwear).
Hopefully this last tweak will get the basals closer.  
Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. 
Bill And Ute French

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