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Re: [IP] Routine maintenance on Insulin Pumps

We made the decision on the paradigm, mini-med talked to my insurance (or 
should I say talked my insurance in to it) and got it approved like on a 
tuesday and we got it delivered by Thursday.  From start to finish 2-3 
weeks.  It all happen so fast that I didn't open the box when we got it 
because I wasn't sure I could get my daughter to buy into the program.  I 
had not discussed it to much with her because I didn't know if the insurance 
would approve it.  I love it and my 11 yr old daughter likes it most of the 
time.  There are times that she would prefer not to wear it (fashion) but 
she seems to understand that it is the right thing to do.  Good luck and 
sorry I can't answer your other questions but I will be interested in 
reading what others ahve to say.


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