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Re: [IP] Maybe a D-Tron? D. Users Only!


I was a Minimed user in the past. When MM called me to talk upgrade from a
507 to either a paradigm or 508, I had recently changed ins carriers. My new
HMO had an agreement with Disetronics and had their sales rep contact me. I
was very impressed with the D+ and the most valueable bonus(es), were the
software products. The Dialog program allows you to upload all of the
programming of your pump to the software, allows you to tweak your basal
profiles, and download it back to the pump. Additionally, you can upload the
event history for easy review. When I ordered my Dtron+, I wasn't told that
the purchase of the pump(s) included this software (Someone else responded
and had concern about the cost of the software, I would complain to my sales
rep, I'll bet they deliver at no cost to you!). The one feature that I was
most impressed with was the ability to "COPY" a pump. This allows you to
copy from your primary pump to the backup pump that you will also receive as
part of the original cost. This is nice because if per change you experience
a failure, you are back up and pumping within minutes.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL
... This feature is NOT in the "home user's edition", only part of the
professional version (I sweet talked my rep). This feature and one other are
the only two differences in the versions. The other feature is the ability
for the endo to set an additional alarm code. The way this was described to
me, the doctor can set a countdown timer to alert if you (for example) are
prone to not keep appointments. I find this peculiar since the doc (if they
had this concern) should probably not be recommending IP therapy anyway.

The InSight program I find to be a spectacular tool. This is a web based
application that allows you to upload pump data as well as data from your BG
meter. You can also (manually, alas) enter carb data, exercise data, weight
data, etc. and produce very nice reports and graphs that I find to be very
useful for myself and my endo (although las month when I handed her a book
on a Friday afternoon, she didn't seem thrilled).

This program is also offered at no charge. The only cost involved is an
interface cable for you meter. I believe that the IR reciever from the
Dialog program will sufffice for the pump uploads. I however spent the
$140.00 for the metriclink kit that is available since this provides
interface cables for virtually all meters with an upload capabiliy as well
as an IR port for the pump or any IR capable meter. This can also plug into
a phone line and transmit via an 800 number in case your PC is out of

Pretty lengthy, sorry. But I must say that after 2 months, I can honestly
say that I love my Dtron+ pump (hell, I've loved all my pumps), even the

Peter A. Gordon
email @ redacted
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> All, I have written before regarding changing HMO's and th possibility of
> obtaining a different pump.  My thinking on this is that the three minute
> delivery might make a difference in BG from the MM delivery (which is less
> frequent.)  The Disetronic is simply the pump which may be the most easily
> obtained for me (if this becomes possible at all.)  Please no pump wars!
> My question--do you like using the software that connects the pump to your
> computer, or do you even use
> it?  Do you think this company is still on the cutting edge? (it seems
> the literature that they might close the loop one day.) In general, are
> happy with the product? (besides discussion of ugly questionable green
> color.)
> And most important, would I lose the "clicks"?
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