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[IP] Re: Exteme sports

In a message dated 4/11/03 5:01:07 PM US Eastern Standard Time, Gail from 
Denver writes:

<< *IF* Mt. Everest's summit were at 10,000 feet (highest
 altitude of the Antarctic) or less - then I wouldn't
 have any problems with the freezing or pressurization
 of insulin.  
 BUT, since Mt. Everest tops out at 29,035 ft (per
 National Geog) and the temp is colder than the
 Antarctic (-100F at the summit vs -90F (yeah, I know
 it's only 10 degrees F, but that's all I've got)) - I
 guess I haven't solved either of those problems yet!
 We're talking about Denali - want to join us?   >>

Nah. My idea of a cold-weather sport is to curl up with a good book in front 
of a roaring fireplace. LOL

But, seriously -- Mt. Everest has been done by a type 1. 

Wanna come to Indiana and ride bikes at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on 
June 21? Around the track as many times as you want, from about 8 a.m. until 
it closes (2 p.m. or so). It's The Smoothest Bike Ride in the World, an ADA 
fundraiser. If IP would get those t-shirts together by then, we could maybe 
get a team going.  :-)

Jan and ElvisToo
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