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Re: [IP] False expectations about pumping???? How long does it take?

I certainly understand your frustration.  my week last week which was my
first month on a pump, I had a really good week.  This week, I topped out at
425, which totally blew me away as I have been using scales and measuring
cups when ever I can to make sure my insulin bolus's have been close.  In
other words I am still waiting too.  But I believe this will get better as I
get better, at least that is still my hope.  Sometimes the pump folks can be
a bit frustrating, as I said I had my first month check up last week, which
was scheduled by the pump med tech, he failed to make it to his own
appoin\tment, which did not sit well with me at all, when they finally
called him, he as in a town about 100 miles away, had forgotten all about
it.go figure

jon wagner
type 1 or 2 maybe
been pumping for 5 weeks now

Karen Kaiser wrote:

>  I've been pumping for just a month.  Before I started, I ask for pro's
> and con's of pumping. I received lots of pro's and very few or non
> concerning cons.  I read some books did some research and of course
> listened and watched the pump companies videos the people in the videos
> and people who emailed me had so many good reports to share.  About how
> fast they saw results and how life changing, switching to a pump is.
> Well though I do like my pump I haven't found the results to be all that
> special or significant and as for life changing well. . . . . I'm
> waiting.  Maybe I'm expecting to much to soon.
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