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[IP] False expectations about pumping???? How long does it take?

 I've been pumping for just a month.  Before I started, I ask for pro's
and con's of pumping. I received lots of pro's and very few or non
concerning cons.  I read some books did some research and of course
listened and watched the pump companies videos the people in the videos
and people who emailed me had so many good reports to share.  About how
fast they saw results and how life changing, switching to a pump is. 
Well though I do like my pump I haven't found the results to be all that
special or significant and as for life changing well. . . . . I'm
waiting.  Maybe I'm expecting to much to soon.  I just know what I had
been told by so many people.  SO could some one please share the truth
and reality of how long it really takes to get things in control with a
pump.  I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if my educators are
just not all that helpful or are acting to slow to help me get all my!
basals and such straight. or what.  I just would appreciate anyone
letting me know what to really expect and how long to expect it to take
in reality.  Cause I'm feeling really frustrated and would like some real
truth or does it really get any better.  Don't get me wrong I sticking
with this pump thing I just would like to now what to really expect. 
 thanks for any help especially some real truth. Karen
email @ redacted
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