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Re: [IP] RE: One Touch Ultra Smart

> Two Questions--first, is the meter much different than the Accuchek Complete?
> For those who used that one, it sort of became bothersome to keep punching
> numbers and info into the meter.

You can not enter in your basal rates like you could on the Accuchek
complete,  but it does remember the last number that you entered so you can
go from there either up or down.  It will remember the last breakfast
information and the last lunch ... And so on.  So when I eat the same thing
a few days in a row I just say that it is breakfast and then accept it.  It
has been a while since I used the Accuchek.

> Second, not really a question but I downloaded the software, and I think the
 > older version software is much more in depth and much nicer. Or, am I missing
> something?

I have not downloaded the software yet,  but I understand that you are
supposed to be able to customize it to what you want by adding events that
you can select for things like health and meals.  Don't take my word on this
because I am still waiting for my cable, I should be able to tell you next

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