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[IP] Hate it, Love it, don't even think much about it

BlankLadies, and gentlemen,

Let us consider for a just a moment that there is NOTHING a person can NOT
do if they set their mind to it and really WANT to do it. On the other hand
(yes, fingers ARE better than toes) if someone does NOT want to do something
there is absolutely no reason for that person to NOT come up with a
perfectly "good" reason that he or she cannot do it.

If hating diabetes fits your program then I suggest you apply yourself
strenuously to that program. If, on the other hand, you do not hate diabetes
and wish to get on with other things in life, then I have a feeling that you
are already doing just that.

Good luck either way.


Nick Trubov
and all the little Trubovs
Lorree, Eupie & Corbin
email @ redacted
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