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Re: [IP] Re: IP Stigmatizing

> I guess, what I really mean is that I
> personally would feel like I could not pass as nondiabetic to myself. Does
> make sense?

That absolutely makes sense.  And I know that there have been people who
haven't pumped for that very reason.  Never the less, in some odd way, I
think I do forget about it in some odd way.  I've been pumping so long, mind
you, that much of the compensating for having an attachment that can't move
along with me of its own volition is automatic.  I don't even think about,
"Oh, that's my INSULIN pump.  I wouldn't have one if only I were diabetes
free."  I literally forget that not everyone has an insulin pump.  (But I
guess I'm wierd that way, because I don't think I've gotten that "I hate
diabetes" feeling in a few eons.)

>  Also, I feel some amount of resentment that there seems to be this idea
> you cannot have a healthy pregnancy if you are not on the pump and if you
> thinking about getting pregnant and not going on the pump for the
pregnancy then
> you are bad, hurting your baby, etc. I feel like these kinds of thoughts
> statements are really similar to the idea that if you have a unexplained
> you are "bad" or if you eat sugar you are "bad." Just that pervasive idea
that I
> believe people with diabetes have to fight coming from others and their
> internal dialogue. Granted, being pregnant on the pump seems to be much
> than trying MDI. But I think it is a personal choice. If I am willing to
do 11
> shots a day to keep my BS in the range they need to be, then that is my
> Okay, sorry so sound so soapboxy, but I think that we as a community
really need
> to be supporting of everyone's choices and not just the choices that we
> people should make.

Soapboxy?  You are absolutely right!  If the pump would make you miserable,
and if you are willing to take all the necessary injections, who are we to
tell you you ought to do anything different?  No one here will love the
child you conceive any more than YOU do.  You are going to provide for it in
the way that seems best to you.  And no one but YOU has to live with YOUR
decision.  If you want to do it on MDI, and if you aren't quite ready to
take the plunge on a pump yet, then anybody who would judge you for what you
do probably just has a hobby of judging people.  What they think doesn't

I did encourage you to give the pump a try.  I still do!  In fact, I think
sometimes you can rent a pump for use during pregnancy.  That might be a
great time to give it a try without committing to it.  (Anyway, I have known
a mother who had gestational diabetes and used a pump, so I'm thinking it
was rented.  I could be wrong, but it might be worth checking out.)

But don't do it to make me happy.  Do it because you believe it is the right
decision for you.  If you don't feel that way, then what I think doesn't
matter.  The same is true for all of the rest of us.
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