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RE: [IP] hiding the Paradigm

hi Erin!

 This is one of my most frequently used locations! I use 2 places in the bra
 1. I put it in a baby sock (sometimes) and stick it under the bra between the
boobs. I will add that the more well endowed you are will help as to whether the
pump is seen between the boobs:-) the bigger boobs, the better the hiding
 2. I stick the pump (either with or without baby sock) in the elastic
band/strap area that goes around my side. So when my arm is down my arm rests on
top of the pump which is hiding in the side of the bra.
Did that make sense?  
 And if you're wondering, the baby sock is often used to absorb sweat. I never
have used a clip or holder when using my bra. I have a Disetronic H-tron
(smaller than Gail's D-tron+:-) and I think it's about the size of most MM
pumps--not exactly sure!

 My other MOST favorite hiding spot when I don't have pockets is just tucking it
into the waistband of my britches (I love that old word:-)/pants.

 These are my main methods of wearing now that I'm pregnant and getting LARGE
and most maternity pants/skirts/dresses don't have pockets:-) I love it b/c no
one even sees my pump! HEEHEE!:-) talk about being able to "forget you are

I hope that helps!

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--okay, I have seen numerous posts where people are stating that they hide 
their Paradigm in their bra. And I'm sorry to be so blunt (but hey that's what 
I'm famous for ;-)) but HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING IT! Please tell me 
because I always look like I have a hunch back or a square boob...LOL so where 
are you putting it so it is actually hidden?
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