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[IP] Re: Hating Diabetes

In a message dated 4/10/03 3:35:51 PM US Eastern Standard Time, Gail in 
Denver writes:

<<  I have never had the fear factor.  I applied to the
 > Peace Corps as a senior in college (that would be the
 > early 80s for the math challenged) and spent one hour
 > trying to convince the recruiter (who said I had the
 > best application he'd ever seen) to relax the
 > government's rules to allow diabetics entry into their
 > overseas programs.  Didn't work, but I gave it my best
 > shot.  That's only the 2nd thing in my life I couldn't
 > do because of diabetes.  The 1st is to climb Mt.
 > Everest but my insulin would freeze.  Implantable
 > pumps won't work at that altitude.  Bummer.  Guess
 > I'll have to settle on Katmandu. >>

Guy on insulin walked across Antarctica. Why can't you climb Mt. Everest? 
And, come to think of it, somebody (Midge Cross) did that, too. 

No excuses, Gail! LOL

Jan and ElvisToo
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