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[IP] Re Hating diabetes

Perhaps Scott is correct.  Perhaps those of us who have had diabetes since 
childhood are able to handle it better than say a teen or a young adult.  I 
have had diabetes for 40 years--was diagnosed at the age of 8.  I am lucky to 
be alive--I was near coma stage and my parents had taken me to 7 doctors 
before one finally checked for diabetes.  I do not dwell on the bad aspects 
of diabetes.  Am I different than the rest?  No, I just don't dwell on it.  
Sure, things are happening with my body and my system that I am not happy 
about but I cannot change it.  I know the next life will be a much better one 
than this one, for I will have a new body and no more pain or sorrow.  For 
those of you who have children who are diabetics, I commend you for your 
diligence and bravery in taking care of your children and doing what is best 
for them.  My parents were great with my diabetes.  Mom has told me she used 
to cry herself to sleep at night but she never cried in front of me.

So, carry on fellow Ipers and know that yes, we are all in the same boat and 
with this website we can get some answers to questions we have.

Don't worry, be happy.

Debbie and Maggie IP
dx 3/63 at age 8
pumping 3/00
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