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re: [IP] Routine maintenance on Insulin Pumps

** Reply to message from email @ redacted (insulin-pumpers-digest) on
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 08:49:56 -0700

> Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 07:02:20 -0700
> From: "Karlien Greeff" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Routine maintenance on Insulin Pumps
> Hi
 > Although my Endo has tried to convince me the past two years to get an
 > pump, I have never felt ready, and to be honest, I don't know if I am yet.
> I have to try it at least for a few months before I decide it is not for me.
> But from what I have read on this forum, I guess once I have used it for a
> while I will not want to go back. :-)

I certainly don't want to go back.  Aside from issues of convenience and
life-style, the pump has brought my A1c down from 11+ to below 7.
> I have not chosen a pump yet ...
> the Paradigm or the Cozmo. My questions are mainly regarding these two pumps,
> but I would be grateful for any input from users of other IP types as well.

I've been using a Disetronic HTron+ for about 6 years (same (pair of) pumps). 
I can only answer for the HTron+, but I assume that it's similar for other
pumps.  (What I like about the HTron+ is that it's a relatively simple, stupid
pump and does exactly what I tell it.)
> I am a scientist who work with instruments in a biochemistry lab. Each
> instrument has an annual Preventative Maintenance Inspection by a trained
> person who replaces or cleans parts and ensures that the instrument is in
 > "good health". I calibrate my instruments regularly as well to ensure that
> results I get is correct.
> 1) Does Insulin Pumps have PMI's as well?

The HTron+ does.

> 2)How often?

 About every 2 years. The HTron+ tells you that it is time and you send it in...

 > 3) How do you know it is delivering the volume of insulin you tell it to?
> is does it get calibrated?

Two issues:
* is it delivering an accurate amount of insulin?; the cartridge I use is a
calibrated cartridge, so that I can look and see that although the pump thinks
there is 50 units of insulin left, it looks like there is actually 60 units...
I've never seen an error of more than 5 or 10 units, which out of the 300+
units that the cartridge holds, I feel is a good enough percentage...
* a much more real-world immediate issue is whether the specific insulin  dose
actually gets delivered: all pumps have (AFAIK) an occlusion alarm to dectect
whether there is too much back pressure so some sort of blockage...

> 4) If insulin pumps need PMI's, does the company provide you with a loaner
> pump?
> 5) How long does a PM  take?

This isn't an issue with the HTron+ and the DTron+: you get 2 pumps; send the
pump needing inspection in, and switch to the other one.  The sent in one comes
back in a week or so...

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