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[IP] loss of job...good news and bad

I just had to vent to someone this morning, so here it goes. On Tuesday night
I went to bed ( or tried to anyway) having both awful stomach cramps and
vomiting. On Wed. morning I was to go on business trip that was a 3 hour car
ride. The trip was to include walking around the companies factory and
grounds, visiting the main headquarters etc. When I woken around 6:00am (after
maybe 2 hours sleep), my blood sugar was 452 and I was passing moderate
ketones. I made the decision not to do the drive and called the local trainer
to inform her of my situation. My boss was unavailable do to being in Los
Vegas. Well, I arrived at my job this am and my boss told me I had no right to
make a decision on if I could drive that distance or not. AND if my illness
was so bad, then why am I not in the hospital. He told me to go home for the
weekend and decide what is more important. Well, that comment from him made my
decision for me. I can not work for a company who is incapable of reason. So,
over him being unreasonable, they lost a top producing salesperson.

Now the good news, I was planing on looking for another job anyway soon. So, I
will take a few weeks off and spend some time with my kids.

I am still not feeling very well today, but am able to keep fluids down and
ketones are trace to small.

Sorry this was so long, but I had to get this off my chest.

Linda W.
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