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[IP] Re: Hiding the Paradigm

>[IP] hiding the Paradigm

Erin Said:

>okay, I have seen numerous posts where people are stating that they
>hide their Paradigm in their bra. And I'm sorry to be so blunt (but
>hey that's what I'm famous for ;-)) but HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING
>IT! Please tell me because I always look like I have a hunch back or a
>square boob...LOL so where are you putting it so it is actually hidden?

I don't have a Paradigm (I have a 508) but I've also been known to hide it 
in my bra.  I clip it right in the front.  I tried clipping it with the pump 
facing in, but it made it difficult to bolus (I can't use the remote) and 
body heat did weird things to the display.  As long as I'm not wearing a 
tight shirt, no one knows its there.  I think its what you're wearing, and 
chest size that makes the difference.

BTW, Victoria's Secret underwire lingerie seems to work really well for 
doing this, for me anyway.  (Maybe any underwire would work, don't know.)  
The VS ones seem to have a little more substance, and don't bend or gap from 
the weight of the pump being clipped to it.

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