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[IP] Re: IP Stigmatizing

Liz wrote in response to Kristen:

>You can have a healthy pregnancy without the pump. It takes work, but it 
>takes work with the pump as well. Don't worry about that. If and when you 
>are ready to try the pump you can try it <or not>. If you don't like it 
>you can leave it. We are here to support you whichever way you decide to go.

I had a healthy pregnancy without the pump.  I had it without MDI.  I took 
2 shots per day (this was 25 years ago) NPH and Regular in the am and 
Regular with dinner.  No glucose meters either.  I had no clue on a hour to 
hour basis what my bgs were.  I did do the urine tests faithfully, 99% of 
the time I tested negative for glucose in the urine.  I went to my doctor 
every month or so and had blood drawn 2 hours after breakfast to check 
glucose level.  I exercised, I had more lows I think than highs (but even 
now, I tend to stray to the low side rather than the high side, always did, 
even as a child).  I ate a good diet, followed the Exchange List 
faithfully.  I delivered an 8 lb 4 oz baby girl 3 weeks early (by 
C-section) and today she's healthy and a wonderful person.

My point is, yes, you can have a healthy pregnancy without the pump.  It's 
possible, it's a lot of work, it's not easy.  I've heard people say that 
the pump does make it easier, but then again, this is also a YMMV 
situation.  Some folks never find anything about diabetes easy and some 
find everything easy, most of us are somewhere in between.  We're all 
different and we all have to make the best decisions for ourselves.

I agree with Liz, Kristen, you need to make the decision that best fits the 
way you feel and we're here to support you whichever choice you make.

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