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[IP] RE: I'm not going to waste energy on hating Diabetes

that seemed like a bit of energy, to me.....

>> But I will dammed if I "accept" it, nor will I accept being called

well it sure is more concise then "homo sapien with pancreatic diabetes
militias disorder"

PLEH_EZE... i guess, if it bothers you, well fine.

Didnt we have this a few weeks ago.
something like:

"sweet smelling siphon, who walks through the shadow of  yada... yada"

"whats in a name..... a diabetic, by any other name, will still be a
diabetic, (and will smell as sweet... im not goin' there)"

"and thats all ive got to say about that"

(wheh.... that was a bunch of energy.... my fingers need a rest now)


len phila pa dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02 (life has always been great, now, its
just a little better)
Lately It Occurs To Me, What A Long Strange Trip Its Been (R. Hunter)
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