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[IP] Re: IP Stigmatizing

Hi Kristen,

I guess this is another YMMV thing.  In all my 21+ years of diabetes, it
has only been since having the pump that I have had times that I forget
I am a diabetic.  My control is so much better, it is so easy and
unobtrusive to bolus for meals, instead of measuring out insulin and
getting out the syringe. Sometimes I just feel so good physically it is
a wonderful thing (not always but this never happened on MDI).
Everyone's experience is different but for me this has been a very
freeing thing.  It is not perfect!  But there are many moments, many
days I forget and am blissfully unaware of the diabetes.  I don't even
remember I am wearing the pump most of the time, it has become part of
me and I am not aware of it.  Of course this is not good when I forget I
need to test and bolus for food!
There are other times I do absolutely hate having diabetes.  I had not
had any feelings of like or hate, just no feelings, about diabetes for
years.  It is here, you deal with it and go on.  In the past couple of
years I've developed a big feeling of hate at certain times.  It is when
I am low and have to sit and wait for my blood sugar to go up.  This
happens at very inconvenient times.  I am late for an appointment, I am
late getting my son to school.  I am sitting in a parking lot for
45minutes waiting for my bg to go up.  It's those moments of waiting
(test, eat 15 gr of fast acting carb, wait 15 minutes, go thru the
process again until I get a good number) when I am overwhelmed for hate
for this disease.  I am not going to drive without a normal blood sugar,
period.  So the world has to wait for me to do that and unfortunately
the world is not always understanding about waiting for my diabetes
stuff to be ok.   Highs that pop up for no reason and won't go down in
reasonable time make me upset too.
I am just thankful there is more to life than the diabetes.....

Faith, pumping with the dtron plus 4-5-03 (no name Yet)

type 1 diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here

pumping since 08-00

 <<<<<<<<Stigmatized is probably not the correct word. It is not that I
believe others would stigmatize me or that I could pass as a diabetic to
others. But I can definitely see that it sounded that way. I guess, what
I really mean is that I personally would feel like I could not pass as
nondiabetic to myself. Does that make sense? There are times when I
forget I am diabetic (not for long mind you but long enough). Like when
I am lying in bed on Saturday morning with my husband and my dog, or
when I am taking a nice hot bath, etc. If I had a pump, there would
always be a visual reminder of the diabetes. I am not ready for that
yet. Notice I said yet. I have not made any firm decisions about not
going on the pump; I have only been diagnosed Type 1 for five and a half
months. So, hope that clarifies some of what I meant by the
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