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Re: [IP] mountain climbing

Barbara, Claire's Mom, said:
>So maybe if you can't do Everest, you can do a little

>bit smaller mountain!  Good luck.

Gail says:

Barbara - Thanks for the suggestion!  For now, I
suffice with climbing Colorado 14-ers.  A bit smaller
than Everest at about 1/2 the altitude (14,000+ ft,
instead of 20,000+ ft). :)  Actually - we're thinking
about Denali.  (And at our age - I doubt we could keep
up with those younguns who climbed in Argentina.)

The insulin & meter/strips freezing is a definite
problem.  Every ounce added feels the equivalent of
one pound.  So - in order for me to keep my insulin
from freezing - I have to attach ALL of it to my body.
 That adds up quickly.  I'm hoping I can find
something that weighs next to nothing that will keep
my insulin warm without overheating.  There are a
couple of things on the market - similar in technology
to the Frio - but they are TOO warm.  Ohhhh - maybe
that will be my million dollar idea! :)

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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