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[IP] MCL Update

Hey guys,
I just wanted to write to update you on my knee injury.  I saw the doctor
last week and he confirmed that I sprained my MCL.  They took x-rays and
nothing was broken, and he didn't think I had fully torn it.  I was given a
brace to wear as much as possible to help it heal, and the doctor also
recommended I go to physcial therapy.  However, I haven't had time to
schedule that yet.

It is starting to feel better and I find the brace helps me to avoid bending
in sideways and in ways that stretch the tendon.  Makes it interesting to
get in and out of cars, but other then that all is going well.

Thanks for all the advice on going to see someone about it.  I hope to be
back on my bicycle training in a month or so.

-- Sherry
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